Domestic Violence among the Middle class growing as the economy takes a dive.

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Middle class households are seeing a significant rise in domestic violence involving not just physical but also emotional and financial abuse of Women. The reasons, Vivien Blackledge, project manager at ‘Domestic Abuse Service’, Blackburn Lancashire, say is financial.

 The impact of economic downtrend is causing the turmoil in the middle class families where women are working. Women at times with serious injuries are not taking the support services unless the risk is higher. Ms Blackledge said.

She said that there was a significant increase in domestic violence victims who were approaching at different partner agencies and as a pilot they would educate the victims of domestic violence on accessibility of support when they need it.

Previously the victims coming were from the underprivileged areas but now there are more people approaching from the middle class group of professional and it is a national trend she said.

Domestic Abuse services is trying to meet the ever growing influx of help seekers by creating more man power of volunteers and paid professionals who are well trained to tackle different form of abuse. Most of the specialist support is given only to 5% of the high risk victims and long term holistic help is not being given to those who need to break the cycle.

A pilot project being launched in the month of November is to provide domestic violence victims receive security within their homes, emotional support for themselves and their families, court action and emergency housing help.

The Wish Centre’s helpline has received 5500 calls of domestic violence abuse to the 3000 received by the Lancashire Police in a year which shows that the support centre’s need to be well prepared to deal with the situations.

Strategic Domestic Abuse Group advised victims to end their silence and make use of the new service.

“Domestic abuse doesn’t always involve violence – it can be anything from controlling behaviour to verbal abuse.”

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A study suggests that the planning reforms spell disaster for the Green Belt across Rural England.

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As was being feared by the CPRE (Campaigners to Protect Rural England) on controversial changes to the planning laws, they say that a study conducted by them found that 230 projects are ready to commence in the hope of the Government’s new National Planning Policy Framework.

They claimed that there is already a proposal for building more than 300,000 new homes. They say that the developers are holding more than 600,000 sites in so called land banks on the hope that the new Policy “presumption in favour of sustainable development’ would benefit them.

It is nothing but exploitation in the shade of the new planning policy they added. Although the changes are still in the stages of consultation the planning inspectors have been advised the applications have to be considered keeping the reforms in the backdrop.

The planned changes to the policy is so drastic that from existing 1000 pages of guidelines it is being reduced to mere 50 pages.

But the ministers say that the reforms are to remove and clear obstacles in the planning process which has

been the main stumbling block in choking the economy and discouraging house building. The ministers said that less than half of the demand for homes was met in the previous year and it was getting difficult for younger families to get their first home.

The ministers are defending the reforms and are insisting that the green belt and the spots identified will be given special protection

But the campaigners, National Trust, the CPRE and the RSPB, have raised concern over the reforms paving way for a free for all in the house building leading to environment degradation.

They claim the eligibility criteria for sustainable development has been drafted so poorly that every proposal seems would get approval.

Although there is lot of pressure on the ministers to water down the planned proposals the ministers insist that they won’t back down. The campaigners fear that such haphazard development would be spell disaster to Rural England.

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Rents in UK soar since August highest in London

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UK property rents have risen to more than 6% at the same point of time last year.

On an average a tenant is paying 713 pounds a month which means the tenant is paying on an average 27 pounds more to the rent compared to August last year.

Analysis of 18000 UK properties had shown that average rent in England and Wales rose by more than 2% in the month of August itself. Over the year the rents in London has risen the most with a tenant paying 1025 pounds a month.

Busy season for rental markets, fresh graduates searching and moving for their first jobs and then demand for properties all have contributed to the rise in rental values at a fast pace  in the past months.

The rise has directly affected the tenant’s ability to pay rents on time and it is reported that since last April the defaults on rents in the UK have been to 300 million pounds.

With soaring rents, high rate of inflation and bleak economic outlook the arrears on rents would have a telling effect on the landlords in the coming few months.

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Duncan Lewis Clapham Junction moves to Tooting

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Duncan Lewis Clapham Junction was a large premisis located a stones throw away from the busiest train station in London – Clapham Junction.  After building a strong client base and after making our mark in the South West of London, it was an obvious step for Duncan Lewis to find a new office in the SW region when the lease was coming to an end.

It wasn’t until this search began that Duncan Lewis realised how hard this task was.  After weeks of hunting we managed to find an office based in Tooting Broadway.  Duncan Lewis Tooting is now home to a small family and child care law team who are based on Tooting High Street.

Duncan Lewis is a legal aid specialist in many areas of law as well as child care and family law.  For those looking for a legal aid lawyer for immigration, mental health, welfare benefits and employment law and are based in south west London, a solicitor will be able to travel to our Tooting office to meet you.

Location – Great.  However, forewarning we are on the third floor – and the lift is a little tempramental.  However if you do follow the step by step instructions and make sure the door closes before you select Third Floor, it will work! Alternatively for those who prefer stairs there are three flights to climb, so be prepared!

Duncan Lewis Family and Child Care team in Tooting are able to handle sensitive matters expertly and confidentially.  Areas of family and child care law that Duncan Lewis specialise in are:

  • Contact Orders
  • Declaration of Parentage
  • Divorce & Civil Dissolution, Financial Settlements
  • Domestic Violence Injunctions
  • Family Mediation
  • Guardianship Orders
  • International Child Abduction
  • Residence Orders
  • Secure Accommodation
  • Supervisors Orders
  • Surrogacy
  • Wardship & Guardianship has more detailed  information about family and child care law at Duncan Lewis.


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